PENELOPE A Study of Weaving as Technical Mode of Existence


HOMO TEXTOR Conference

This conference will bring together philosophers, artists, technologists, classicists, textile experts, anthropologists, and historians of technology to discuss weaving as a technical mode of existence. The two day conference will take place at the Kerschensteiner Kolleg...


PENELOPE sucht studentische Hilfskraft

Studentische Hilfskraft für internationales, interdisziplinäres Forschungsprojekt am Deutschen Museum gesucht Einrichtung: Forschungsinstitut für Technik- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Deutsches Museum, Museumsinsel 1, 80538 München Einstellung zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt und bis Frühjahr 2020 (verlängerbar) Stundenzahl: 6 Stunden pro Woche...


Weaving TidalCycles patterns at a TC-1 loom

During our recent project residency at Textiles Zentrum Haslach, we had the opportunity to work at the TC-1 looms there. As an experiment I used my TidalCycles software, which is normally used to create music, to...