Penelope software and hardware archives from FoAM Kernow

Here is a list of github repositories and associated DOI archives for referencing in publications. These contain all the source code and hardware designs made for the project so far by FoAM Kernow.

Weavingcodes: Github repository / DOI link

This repository contains work we began during the weavingcodes research project which we developed further during the Penelope project. Of particular interest is the Pattern Matrix application which is an Apple/Linux program that emulates the pattern matrix tangible interface so you can experiment with weaving yourself. The current Apple version you can install and run can be downloaded here.

Pattern matrix tangible hardware: Github repository / DOI link

This repository and archive contains the software and hardware designs for the pattern matrix tangible interface, including the warp weighted loom and tablet loom simulations, interface for controlling the penelopean robots, music livecoding system and augmented reality visualisation.

This also contains the latest work on the fabric version of the pattern matrix, including firmware that runs on all the separate sensor processors we are adding to the new version. More about this at a later date.

On the hardware side we also have repositories for the CNC and lasercut files for the 4×4 digitally manufactured version of the pattern matrix. The first one (Github/DOI) has the designs  for the current version in the Penelopean Laboratory in the Museum für Abgüsse Klassischer Bildwerke in Munich. The second one (Github/DOI) contains the CNC and lasercut files for more widely accessible plywood construction.

Penelopean robotics hardware and source code Github repository/DOI link

The last archive contains everything needed for the may pole dancing robots, from CNC files to manufacture the printed circuit boards to tablet weaving instructions, and all the software running on the robots. This DOI snapshot contains the version used at the Algomech festival 2019.

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Dave Griffiths is an award winning game designer, programmer and livecoding algoraver based in Cornwall. In 2014 he co-founded Foam Kernow, an independent research institution for exploring uncharted regions of art/science and designing speculative cultures. With an early education in weaving, bell ringing, 8 bit computers and animation, he has worked in the games (Sony Europe) and film computer graphics industry (Moving Picture Company), and has credits on feature films including Troy and Kingdom of Heaven. He performs internationally with ‘slub’ a algorithmic rave group.

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