Symposium on Unmaking at AlgoMech Festival

AlgoMech is the festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement, taking place 8-12th November in Sheffield UK, with myself (Alex McLean) as lead organiser on behalf of the PENELOPE project, collaborating with a range of organisations including Museums Sheffield, FoAM and Access Space. It’s the second year of the festival, the previous year had the theme of Making, and in sympathy with PENELOPE this year’s theme is Unmaking.

We are happy to be convening the Symposium on Unmaking as part of the festival on Saturday 11th November, bringing together an interdisciplinary group of artists and research, working across technology, media art, textile, fashion and music, as well as contributing our own mixed perspectives from philology, anthropology, mathematics and live coding. We’re excited to be bringing these different perspectives on what happens when technology, whether textile, mechanical or algorithmic, is taken apart. You can find the list of participants and further information here.

The symposium sits within an exciting and equally diverse programme, incorporating a music programme of algorithmic hybrid rock (from 65daysofstatic), performance art, an algorithmic rave, and concert of mechanical music, as well as exhibition, kinetic sound art and a range of hands-on workshops.

As well as participating in the symposium, we’ll be sharing early outcomes from our project in the exhibition, and performing with the pattern matrix. I hope you can join us!

For full line-up and ticketing information please see the website.

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