Author: alexmclean


Live Loom as Research Product

I’ve been enjoying the idea of “research products”, as distinct from the concept of “research prototypes”. Prototypes are understood as something partially working/unfinished, as a step towards an answer to a design problem. Research products on...


Learning about double weave

I’ve been thinking about the relationship between colour and weave effects, and double weave structures. It started with making the following chart, while thinking about the possibilities offered by alternating colours of weft and warp threads:...


Live coding the warp-weighted loom

Live coding has developed into an international community of practice over the past two decades, where artists make live use of programming languages to express and create time-based works, predominantly at the fringes of electronic music....


Pattern insights

TidalCycles (or just ‘Tidal’ for short) is free/open source software for making patterns, mainly musical ones. I made it while a research student, and have been working on it for many years since, with the help...


The Twists and Turns of Tablet Weaving

Here’s some work-in-progress thoughts on modelling tablet weaving. Although our project is primarily concerned with the ups and downs of weaving, we are also interested in the twists of tablet weaving. Woven and tablet woven fabrics...


AlgoMech Symposium on Dancing and Braiding

We are again happy to be featuring the PENELOPE project as part of AlgoMech festival, including the Symposium on Dancing and Braiding in collaboration with Victoria Mitchell. Details on the symposium are below (more details will...


Weaving TidalCycles patterns at a TC-1 loom

During our recent project residency at Textiles Zentrum Haslach, we had the opportunity to work at the TC-1 looms there. As an experiment I used my TidalCycles software, which is normally used to create music, to...


Knotcoding – inspired by Quipu

Our PENELOPE project looks to integrate ancient weaving into the history of technology. One part of this work is to create new technology, such as the Pattern Matrix, incorporating designs for new interfaces based on ancient...

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