Viktoria Lubomski

For me as a digital native, arts and their digtial expression are connected as a matter of course, in addtion I am particularly interested in the combination of textile and contemporary technologies.

tablet weaving attempt

I am currently studying Fine Arts & Multimedia – an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree program between art, media and information technology – at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Prior to that, I completed a vocational training in media design. Having worked at various media agencies and as a freelance graphic designer for 10 years, I decided to study to expand my horizon and skillset even further.

Through autonomous study and university courses I am exploring possibilities to combine my interest in art, embroidery and technology to create a reinterpretation of historical garb and “e-textiles”. Furthermore I am interested in all kind of creative fields, especially tangible digital art.

Within the PENELOPE project I am contributing as a student assistant.


VR experience about the societal circumstances of COVID-19

Data-driven deconstruction of Denmark for a staycation campaign

> Floral Change
Interactive Arduino installation

> Mobinchän Games
3D printed games for visually impaired children

Visit my website or Behance portfolio for further information and projects.

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